Here are 3 Evergreen Political Lessons from Marvel’s Black Panther


T’Challa’ aka ‘Black Panther’ (Image Source: Marvel Studios)

I happened to watch ‘Black Panther’ last weekend. Before watching it, my perception about it was that it is a marvel movie that has black people as its primary cast. But, after viewing the movie, I am putting up the statement that the movie has a very sound substance; a substance that is sound enough beyond its predominant black cast; a substance that is sound enough beyond in showcasing the African community in a good light; a substance that is sound enough beyond the ethical values conveyed in the movie. And, to be precise in my point, a substance that is sound enough to resonate with political views. In this article, I share 3 lessons from ‘Black Panther’ that support my claims about the movie’s substance.

1. Oppressed races must stay united forever:

It is of primary importance for the oppressed races to stay united among them. This is crucial not only in times when a race is under the dominant clutches of another race. But, also when it is or it seems like the former is set free from the clutches of the latter. Here, you may ask, “Unity in what?” I have two points to brief on the same.

First, it is the political difference that is causing distortions in the unity of a race. Difference arise when the practical complications in the political set-up are not understood. A race can uproot this difference by approaching politics in a practical way.

Second, it is the religious difference. This applies to races that have people following various religions. Here, approach with reasoning is the best way to uproot the difference.

You can find a best illustration of my first point via the character, ‘W’Kabi’ in ‘Black Panther’. It will let you know how distortions occur in a race’s unity due to political differences. Another character, ‘M’Baku’ exemplifies the importance of a race’s unity under adverse circumstances.

M' baku W' kabi

M’Baku’ (4th Left) and ‘W’Kabi’ (2nd Right) (Image Source: Marvel Studios)

2. Retrospective analysis is good, but only in ideal cases:

Consider this scenario. A person hailing from political background takes leadership mantle in a political system. In this scenario, people shouldn’t assess the person based on their perception about his/her successors… provided the person shows signs of constructive governance.

Retrospective analysis is good but only in ideal cases

T’Challa’ aka ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Ramonda’ (Image Source: Marvel Studios)

By assessing a person so without careful deliberations, you might lose a good leader. Sometimes, you end up with a bad leader too.

There are sequences in ‘Black Panther’ that depict the above scenario to a certain extent. In the movie, as a result of not assessing ‘T’Challa’ aka ‘Black Panther’ well, Wakanda (the fictional nation) ends up with the bad leader, ‘KillMonger’.


Killmonger (Image Source: Marvel Studios)

3. A nation’s self-sufficiency is as important as its technological innovations:

A nation being self-sufficient is as important as its technological innovations

Wakanda (Image Source: Marvel Studios)

In ‘Black Panther’, Wakanda seems to be far ahead of the rest of the world in technological innovations. At the same time, they remain self-sufficient… self-sufficient in areas like its Healthcare and Defence. This is by placing at the helm the right person, which is ‘Shuri’ (Black Panther’s sister). She keeps on exploring the available opportunities to render innovations.

This scenario might take place in a movie. But, it shows how innovations and progress towards a nation’s self-sufficiency should happen.

So, that’s with the political lessons, which I have learnt from ‘Black Panther‘. Hope you found it useful.

For me, it was a sweet surprise to watch a fictional movie that appeared so deep in its political thoughts. I would say that this factor makes ‘Black Panther‘ a must watch movie for those interested in politics. If you are one among them and yet to catch with the movie then do watch it! If any other lesson strikes your mind then do share them in the comments to grow the list!