Significance of Self-Organized Social Movements

Significance of Self-Organized Social Movements

During the course of the political history, we have seen people following leaders, purely based on their charisma. Rather, being obsessed with the charisma of political leaders, the individuals of a society can form ideas for betterment, with respect to their ethnicity. In adverse political clouts, such ideas can be beneficial to them in treading the right path. In order to do so, firstly, one has to cultivate a personal inclination towards the history of one’s own ethnicity. Secondly, time has to be spent qualitatively to garner insight, over the subject of inclination, amidst the current day’s mechanical life. Thirdly and most importantly, open-mindedness has to be encouraged within self.

Well, an individual seems, to foster an inclination to dig deep into his/her ethnicity’s history, to be ready to manage his/her time to effectively obtain deep understanding on his subject of inclination and, to be open-minded. With the mind-set of the individual being so flexible to learn things, all she/he least requires is to have access to resource materials such as books, magazines etc., that offer authentic contents, from which they could acquire the required knowledge. This is where the necessity of Self-Organized Social Movements, which are meant for the betterment of their respective ethnicity, that possess knowledgeable and committed members led by a personality, comes into the picture.

Self-Organized Social Movements are the ones that with much care have been encouraging the sayings and the deeds of various political and non-political leaders across generations in a consistent manner, to translate their progressive ideologies. They have been the ones that have been rendering a fortification to the ideologies formulated by their founder and the follower leaders pertaining to their ethnicity.

In the absence of robust movements, the ideologies and the actions of their respective leaders, in the course of time, will be deliberately distorted by the camps that hold opposite ideologies. In some other cases, certain individuals will fail to understand the ideologies propagated by the leaders and eventually, interpret them incorrectly. In the worst case scenario, some leaders of the movement will be forgotten even by the people who have to celebrate them. The above said facts clearly illustrate the potentials of Self-Organized Social Movements in driving the attitudes of the concerned people and thereby, implicitly stress their significance in the society for its progress.


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